2016-01-22 23:48:37 by Jinx-25

First of all-

HAPPY 2016 EVERYONE! *tosses confetti*

I hope the month of january is going well for you guys! I am back in classes and doing a lot of art. So much that I keep forgetting to post here so be prepared for random spurs of new art!

Just a little update I guess. Still don't know what else to say sooo. YEAH.

Dusting off cobwebs

2015-10-27 23:42:10 by Jinx-25

Well.. I haven't been here in a LONG time. My last journal entry was like.. in the summer.

To my new followers I bid you all WELCOME. wasn't expecting 40+ followers when I checked this site again. WHOOPS! But do not worry, I am back and will be updating again ( =^__^= )/

I've mostly been slow with updates due to college and work taking up most of my time. But good thing about being an art major is the interesting piece I get to make! So fasten them seatbelts and stay tuned! 


- Lisa Nani

Summer Break

2015-05-06 12:41:30 by Jinx-25

Yes! With summer break here I will finally have time to do some creative stuff! Including some VA work, art work, and gaming.

I apologize for those who still follow me on here for the huge inactivity. Hopefully with summer here I can get my things in order and bring updates!!


- Lisa Nani.

Next Demo reel?

2014-02-21 23:13:07 by Jinx-25



Hello everyone! So I am over-due for a new demo reel and I'm feeling like shaking things up. You see I noticed something while cruising the wide marvalous web. I noticed that.. a lot of female VAs sound.. kinda the same? I don't want to offend anyone, like I've heard some amazing VAs but.. I noticed in a lot of female VAs the voices are anime and innocent sounding, and I made a realization on what kind of VA I want to be since my voice is very.. different. Trying not to blush here, but for my next demo reel I'm going to do some... mature? Voices. So yeah.. Have that to look forward to sorry for the rambling. Also if there is any other voice ranges you guys would like me to do please drop a comment and let me know, I'm always up for trying new voices (^__^)



School and shizz

2014-01-06 21:50:46 by Jinx-25

So college for me started back up meaning I am going to be immensly busy! I will try to keep this place updated as much as I can, until then I'll see you guys in my free time :)

Call me Nani

2014-01-01 13:14:06 by Jinx-25

Seriously guys. My username was made back in 2006.. Just call me Nani ok? (=^__^=)

Clean Slate

2013-12-29 18:57:15 by Jinx-25

Well it's certainly been awhile since I've been on this site, though mind you I used this site back in the day for looking at cheap animated porn because I was a pre-teen riddled with hormones. Haha good times.

Anyways, Hello there everyone! My name is Lisa Nani. I've been a Newgrounds user since 2006 and just recently thought that well FUCK IT! I am going to start using this site for more than just a porn hub to satisfy my lustful teen desires. Seeing how I am a complete n00b at actually posting things on this site I ask for your patience for I have yet to figure out the thing that is Newgrounds activity.

Firstly I will say that what you will see from me consists of art, short animations, voice acting and anything else creative I do that vents my insanity. For now I ask you all to hang tight for I will be starting (and later regretting) this.


LATER! Nurr~ (=^w^=)